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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

current obsession

remember the good ol' days of middle school when all you really had to worry about was whether or not you could survive oregon trail??

okay maybe there were quite a few other drama-inducing worries of middle school...

but anyways!

i have rediscovered my love for oregon trail!

perhaps it's a result of trent's and my current obsession of the west and the big sky... and my burden for native americans (i'm being serious!). we started re-watching Into the West a few nights ago... it's beyond splendid.
so this led to a quick google search of "download oregon trail".
well a couple hours later... and i found a site to play it on!

Play Oregon Trail now! but be on guard... you may want to throw your computer across the room when you can't shoot a buffalo... or when your entire family dies of dysentery (whatever that is!)...
or maybe that's just me. :)

*side note... if you try to play it and you're on a mac, make sure to scroll down the right side of the page and click "Java version of the game".


Thursday, December 3, 2009

i'm still alive

for those of you who have noticed...

it's been awhile.

i will be making my grand re-appearance soon...

in the meantime -- here's a cute pic of me & trent on pumpkin-carving-day to hold you over.

[more pumpkin-carving-day pics to come]