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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My endeavor

so. it's somewhat daunting writing a blog (let alone THE 1st). but here i go. 

why even write a blog? seems to be the trend that prego's start blogs. or families with 12 kids. or someone is going through a hard time or really exciting time. i don't fit into any of those categories... so why start this thing? it's just my feeble attempt of sharing what God is doing in my life - challenging myself to be more vulnerable, more apt w/updating people with life (ahem, leigh anne), more creative. 

so this is me. i dunno what this will look like but hopefully you will stay tuned to see :)

onto menial things...

i am totally jumping head first into this whole couponing endeavor. i never knew coupons could be so scary. yet somehow exciting (who am i??). so i dragged the JT along with me to CVS for my grand entrance into coupon world tonight (yes, he complained and was a grumphead the whole time -- and i tried to remind him, 'dude! i'm doing this so we can save $! so it's worth the 10pm, 1 hour long, chaotic run to CVS' - yeah, he didn't agree. i shall show him). so anyways. i wasn't 100% prepared for my grand entrance but i did manage to spend $15 oop (out of pocket) yet save $15 and earn $10 ECB (extra care bucks) - so i'm heading back there tomorrow in attempts to check out @ the (hopefully nice) cashier 3 times... yes... THREE. DIFFERENT. TIMES. so i'm not entirely insane, i promise. my written out agenda (don't make fun) is to buy lots of things and roll over my $10 ECB's into $16 ECB's w/negligible oop expenses. some things on the 'to buy' list: several shampoos/conditioners, hair color stuff, lotions, toothpastes, razors... so hey, if the plan works, i'll get all this stuff AND have $16 ECB to use for the next CVS shopping spree. i'll keep you updated on how i do... 

in other news. i [finally] purchased p90x. so i've been thinking about this program for oh... 4 months now i think... and more seriously so within the past week. and i turned on to 1 of my favorite channels (...qvc...) and they were totally selling p90x! it was cheaper than normal so it didn't take much for me to commit. i should get the whole thing next week and start it up... it is going to take sooo much intense work i can't even fathom it right now. but i'm looking forward to it. 

so i've got the disciplines of saving $ (coupons), working out/eating well (soon-to-be-p90x)... well might as well make it a full plate and add reading the bible in 90 days to all that, right? whew. i'm exhausted just trying to think of balancing all of this. but God is faithful and strong (mental pep talk). i am SO enjoying this whole 90 day plan - it's intense but it's really an awesome way of getting a broad overview of Scripture and seeing how things fit together. i'm halfway through 1 samuel (ka-chow to God!). 

alright its 2:22am and the JT has been getting onto me lately with how late i stay up... so i best be off. 

i'll be striving to jot down updates on coupon-mania, p90x-psychosis, and 90-day-bible-insanity... and more than all those boring updates, i hope to entertain a few with my random notes, comments, thoughts, etc. it shall be a journey in the least.

g/p/l    (grace/peace/love)