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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HBC baby shower!

last week (10.10.10) our church threw us a baby shower! it was such a blessing & we were very grateful for the loving kindness of our fellow church members. i just wanted to share a few pics that were taken at the shower...

us & the yummy cake!

trents looks are priceless. loved this gift... handknit blanket, booties, & cap. they actually match a knit cardigan my gma gave me when i was baby!

our dear friends luke & kendall hinton (due in jan.) & melissa farmer (bryan & their 1yr old jacob were at home). kendall & melissa helped record all of the gifts - a great help!

a pic of some of the ppl who showed up for the shower!

i had to explain why abby grace needs leg warmers :)

leg warmer, head bands, & i love mom shirt - what more could you want??

trent did a great job opening presents & announcing the giver & gift!

2 lovely ladies who helped host the shower & serve the cake!

i enjoyed anticipating trent's reactions :)

a cute elephant sleepsack & adorable hamper!

a couple shots i took when we got home & laid out the gifts!

felt like christmas morn :)

cute baby on the cake

thanks to all who came to the baby shower! we truly give thanks to the Lord that you would express such generosity & love towards us & our daughter!

side note... 36 weeks today & 28 days to go until the due date! wow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

mom & dad's visit!

dad had a business trip in chicago 2 weeks ago so mom decided to fly with him & get dropped off in louisville while he was in chicago - yay! she was here from sunday-thursday and then dad joined us from thursday-saturday. it was such a joy to have them visit!! mom & i were able to see abby grace and do some shopping & resting.

mom & i @ cheesecake factory

trent & i @ cheesecake factory
(33wks pregnant)

mom & i couldn't resist getting this cute doll from pottery barn kids! primarily b/c her name is "Abby". so Abby doll has helped trent learn a little bit about changing diapers. when Abby Grace is older, she will have her own Abby doll :)

we picked up dad from the airport and went to his favorite lunch place - Brendan's Pub in St Matthews.

on their last full day here, we took mom & dad to Huber Farms! it was so much fun! we had never been there before and it was a gorgeous day for picking pumpkins & apples!

we ate at the restaurant for lunch first - and we were grateful to do some walking around afterwards bc lunch was quite a huge southern feast!

yay i am about to pick pumpkins!

dad & the pumpkins we chose!

wondering how abby grace's little pumpkin compares to her actual size

our pumpkins! we already had a tall pumpkin at home so we got a short round pumpkin with twisted top & little pumpkin for abby grace. so we have a nice pumpkin family on our front porch :)

mom & dad!

picked delicious apples!

made an apple crisp later that day - fresh apples taste amazing!!

mom picking apples!

so fun!

all of us @ huber farms - we had such a great time!

(mom & i also worked a lot on our nursery so updated nursery pics soon to come...)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

meet abby grace!

my mom came all the way from texas last week for a visit!! it was such a joy having her here at the house. bc she lives in tx, i've been trying to think of ways to include her more in on the pregnancy. when we found out we were having a girl, we called a local shop in dallas to prepare a 'girl surprise' for my mom to go pick up & open - just something fun for her to be in on the surprise. since she has been unable to attend any of the dr visits, i decided a 3D/4D ultrasound would be an extra special treat for us to experience together. & it was such a blessing to watch abby grace move around and have fun!! she stuck out her tongue quite often, wiggled frequently, yawned (so cute!!)... i am so glad my mom was able to experience that with me!!

we did find out that abby grace is breech :( so please be praying that she will flip around! if she stays breech, i will have to have a c-section... nothing against c-sections but my preference is for a natural birth! we know the Lord is sovereign even over her position so we trust that He knows best.

so... here are pics from abby grace's 1st fun photo shoot:

the umbilical cord is around her arm -
not a big deal but a good pic of her arm and cute face

she's sticking her tongue out a little here

the ultrasound tech was surprised by her head full of hair!

cute little foot!

awww my fav :) most adorable yawn ever

yay squishy face

yeah so i warned you that she likes to stick out her tongue, right?
i dunno where she gets all that sass from :)

this is the side of her face - you can see her hand over her face,
her ear, and her chin is resting on her foot. she's flexible.

side pic of her feet - you can really see her ankle bone.

there's her sweet face!

look at that precious sleepy expression :)

do you see any resemblance with this baby pic of me....?

i will be updating again soon with more nursery pics & pics from my parent's visit last week!