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trent, emily, & abby grace

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


my good friend, michelle, just posted a great blog with lots of pics of our girls. we met michelle & kyle in our natural birthing class - we sat next to them & discovered that we had tons in common! she's from texas, i'm from texas, he's from georgia, trent's from georgia. they are at southern seminary and so were we once upon a time! the craziest connection is that we were due 1 week apart and had both chosen the name Abigail Grace for our girls... twinkies! they ended up being born 5 days apart - our abby grace on november 20th and their abigail on november 25th. michelle's birth story is even pretty similar to mine.

so, we got the girls together & took some twinkie pics! abby grace was beyond tired so she wasn't the smiliest... but abigail was just loving lovin on abby grace! too precious....

matching teddy bear snowsuits!

let's eat our hands!

fun times

abby grace is over pics. abigail is loving the photo shoot!

coordinating outfits!

too cute!

abigail wants to hold abby grace's hand! abby grace isn't quite sure about it...

sleep time & giggles!

so many camera flashes...

drawing up our legs! look at abigail laughin away! abby grace... not so much :)

hey mommies!

sleepy abby grace & sweet abigail!

abby grace & i are looking forward to more play-dates with michelle & abigail!