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trent, emily, & abby grace

Monday, May 23, 2011


a little over a week ago we had our friends the rolands & hintons over for a grill out & playdate. funny how pre-kids we used to hang out with friends starting around 6 or 7pm but now our get-togethers usually end around that time for baby bedtimes :)

pax, abby grace, & abigail playing. poor paxy was in the depths of teething but he still had fun with the girls.

abigail trying out abby grace's exersaucer.
love her expression.

before abigail (& her parents) arrived, pax and abby grace played some. there's a little clip of them hugging each other which i got a pic of as well. pax was checking out abby grace's teeth since he is in the process of getting some.
oh & please excuse all the mommy giggles courtesy of kendall & i.

we are thankful for fun times with friends!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bouncy bouncy

abby grace has fallen in love with bouncing. here are a couple videos to prove it.

this 1st short video is her 2nd time watching the baby einstein mozart dvd while in her exersaucer. there are parts in this video that she just adores & gets her all bouncy.

this is a longer video of her just having fun in her exersaucer. my favorite part is at the end :) she's all smiley and bouncy and full of cuteness.

we were gifted a jumper and we can't wait to try that out in texas! im pretty certain she will be hooked!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2-week madness

so the past 2 weeks were total madness. it started right after easter... abby grace got sick. but she decided to start teething. at. the. same. time. oh the misery.

so whenever i heard moms talk about teething before i was like 'oh that stinks'. yeah so when they say their kids are teething, these are the implications:
the baby is...
- extra fussy
- fighting sleep
- running a fever usually
- drooling. everywhere.
- fighting feedings usually
-wanting to be held constantly

so, in essence, life gets pretty chaotic. i thanked the Lord for tylenol. you can give it in small doses every 4hrs. literally, at the 3hrs45min mark, she would start getting fussy. thankfully her bottom tooth broke through after about 1.5wks and the tooth right next to it should break through any day now.

she was a pitiful sight and honestly, so was i. but who wants to see me looking all pitiful? at least she's still all cute when she's sick. here are some pics:

here she is happy right after easter. but you can tell her eyes are swollen and the madness is about to ensue!

poor, pitiful, precious abby grace turned into my little monkey bc she wanted to be held all the time.
grateful for my ergo carrier.

starting to feel better but eyes still swollen...

'hmm how do i fit this in my mouth?'

all better! still some teething going on but for the most part back to normal!

in other news...

abby grace loves looking at books now!

my sis, nat, got us this 'beaba' baby food maker - it steams, purees, and reheats baby food so you can make your own! super excited about this! i had planned to start our journey into the world of solids a couple weeks ago but then the madness occurred. so i'll be starting that up real soon.

we got together with our good friends, the hintons, and abby grace & pax 'played'.
abby grace was definitely interested in watching pax play!
pax was content with his toys :)

abby grace got real tired and assumed her sleeping position. this is how she sleeps, with her hands all tucked underneath her. it's pretty darn cute.

so this is my most recent fav pic of abby grace.
isn't she a doll? ;)