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Monday, February 15, 2010


1 of the 52 books i am reading through this year is
the Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.

i read this one a couple years ago but i am definitely in dire need of the refresher!!

i skipped around a little bit and decided to read chap. 14 last week. this chapter basically deals with how to respond biblically to your husband in conflict - especially when you disagree with something.

i realized through my reading that oftentimes i do not act like this 'excellent wife' God calls me to be... i tend to believe i know best, assert (aggressively so) these opinions i have, and take control of situations. instead of allowing trent to lead, i usually don't even give him the option! but i just assume i know best, tell him that's the case, and then pout if he disagrees (hmm... rings a bell from my toddler years... ouch).


grateful for this book.
super grateful that my husband's loves for me is not based on my works.
super duper grateful that God's love for me is not based on my works.

in Christ alone, my hope is found.

[ in other news... ]
-- tex lost his manhood last week :( poor little guy. he got stitches thursday. pulled them out himself on saturday. that's tex for ya.
-- in happier news, 4 snow days within the past 7 days! score!

yes, the road covered in snow is the left lane.

we got stuck in a (small) ditch.
all those years trent drove an off road jeep really paid off!

this is not a 1 lane road. but super pretty.

backyard... couple inches left over from last week's snow
+ last night's snow.

grateful to God for many things this Valentine's season!

p.s. to see how the jt & i celebrated vday (early),
please read the "getaway" post :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


me and the jt needed to get away. the jt's DNOW + my huge counseling conference (huge describing the work involved in the conference, not necessarily the conference itself) = a chaotic past 4 weeks.

we talked about a cabin in gatlinburg but decided it was just a bit too far away and too much $. then we decided to do nothing at all. then we got home from church sunday totally spent and decided you know what...
we need a getaway.
we did some brief research online (about 3hrs worth) and found a new place that met our long list of requirements about 1hr20min north in Burlington, KY.

built in the mid-1800s:

our biggest requirement?

a fireplace.

we didn't want to just veg in front of the tv...

we wanted to:
feel refreshed

our 2nd requirement?

last. minute. specials.
we got 20% off for booking
the b&b the day of!

booked @5:30pm.
arrived @7:30pm.

our 3rd requirement?

a b&b known for their breakfast (hey, that's important!)

i had creme brulee french toast for breakfast.

& the jt had pancakes...

super yummy

breakfast tasted even better than it looked.

if you are in the area, definitely check out this beautiful b&b!

thinking of a spontaneous, quick getaway? ... definitely well worth it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

passing notes

what i found in my mailbox ("locker") when i got home from work today...

took me back to those fun days of writing/passing notes in school.
a handwritten note is somehow much more fun and meaningful than a quick text message.
perhaps bc you realize what goes into it:
...more time... more thought... more effort...
ah the simple joys in life.
a revival is needed for handwritten letters.