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Friday, October 30, 2009


this week's confession:

[ I bought leg-warmers... and I have worn them everyday ]

i have yet to expose them to the public but i have faithfully worn them under jeans or with my PJs. the next step is to make their public debut... but i'm not exactly sure how to pull this one off... any ideas?

Monday, October 26, 2009


re.reading how people change [tripp/lane]. so good. def recommend it. great to use in discipleship opportunities + in your own walk with Christ.

slowly (going on 1.3yrs now) reading body of divinity [thomas watson]. so deep. laboring through that one bit by bit but contains lots of profound treasures.

intending on:
re.reading excellent wife [martha peace]

starting feminine appeal [mahaney]

best overall devotional book for discipleship i've used with girls: lord, only you can change me [kay arthur]. great for new christians + believers who tend to wear masks/live lives that contradict their professions.

excited about looking into lord, teach me to study the bible [kay arthur] that my leigh anne friend recommended.

any other good recommendations for reading (self + discipleship)?

quick updates

okay so this blog starting thing is harder than i thought...

coupon world:
so last week i def scored big time @ cvs. i used my $10ECBs (essentially, gift card) towards the purchase of $35 worth of items... BUT i paid $6 oop and received $16 back in ECBs. YES! summary: paid ZERO (10+6 = 16, got 16 back) and received $35 worth of items! 1 of my fav purchases was a glade sense n spray (so needed) that was $10 but was on sale for $5 and i had a $4 coupon... = $1!! so cool! i've yet to venture out to other stores (kroger, meijer, etc) - SO wish that we had a publix here!! agh! jealous of my southeast pals.

amazing! so glad i shelled out the $ to do this program... even though the JT wasn't too keen on it. ive lost some lbs so far and inches and im onto my 4th wk of the program. 1/3 done - ya-tah! next week starts phase 2. im praying for continued strength & discipline to keep up with it... they're def strenuous workouts but the hardest part is finding time for them!! its minimum 1hr day - typically 1hr15min+. my fav workout is kenpo (karate-ish) and i DETEST yoga - blarf. the JT has yet to join in on the p90x fun but maybe he will after he (hopefully) sees some of my (potential) results.

90day bible:
pressing on. finished the psalms in 3 days -tragic to read through them so fast! on day 47.

...in other random news...
was pretty much out of commission the past week due to unknown (not swine) illness. super swamped with work-related stuff for dr. scott this week.
SO excited to carve pumpy-kins tom with the JT! pics will come. it's like my fav thing to do. AND THEN... POST-HALLOWEEN = XMAS MUSIC TIME!!! woohoo! love this time of year. this will be the first trick-or-treating season that the JT and i are in a grown-up house... we intend to dress up and do some candy-passing-out-ing and meet some neighbors and kids.
oh and i am trying to convince the JT to get a snuggie for little texas. don't you think he needs one?
time to watch *unwrapped* on food network... halloween edition - score!