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Monday, June 28, 2010

it's a girl!!!

that's right... our little baby is a GIRL!
we found out friday morn that we are expecting a girl! we are very excited! i think i said to myself/Trent at least 10 times, "i can't believe we are having a girl"... it's crazy actually knowing. and now continues our extensive baby girl name search. we are having quite the challenge so feel free to make any suggestions!!

here are a couple pics of our beautiful girl...

we love how she is already so modest with her legs crossed all proper-like :) trent especially loves that.
right after we found out, we went to target to buy our 1st baby girl outfits for her. it was actually hard at first just b/c we aren't naturally drawn to all the frilly, over-the-top girly things... but we eventually found 2 outfits we both adore!!

this 1st outfit actually has a monkey on it!! it is very hard to find a girls outfit w/monkeys bc most of the boys outfits have those. so we had to get this one!

this one is just adorable! the elephants are too cute.

okay & here is a belly shot from the day before our big u/s. i am 19wks & 2days.

thanks for celebrating our joyous news with us!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hmm boy or girl?

so here is my 1st actual pregnancy update... it's about time. i'm 19 weeks as of yesterday!

i am finally getting some good rest @ night which is a huge blessing! i was excited for the 2nd trimester for this reason... but weeks 14-16 were horrendous for me due to severe allergies & little sleep! more so than my nausea during weeks 6-8. thankfully, the allergies died down & now it is getting hard for me to wake up early whatsoever.

here is a cute idea i got from my cute prego friend, kendall.

Food Cravings:
1. coke icees!
2. grape slushies from sonic
3. sonic tater tots
4. chocolate carnation instant breakfast w/skim milk (look forward to this every morn!)
5. pasta salad, pasta salad, pasta salad (& i never liked the stuff pre-pregoness)
6. chick-fil-a lemonade (let's be honest, that's always been a craving of mine)
7. dill pickles, extra crunchy
8. subway grilled chicken sandwich (honey oat bread, cheese, lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, mayo, red wine vinegar, salt & pepper)
9. sushi - california roll (fake sushi)
10. chips & salsa (preferably @ el toro)

Food Aversions:
1. beef stew
2. meatloaf
3. lasagna
4. steak
5. hamburgers
6. browning ground beef (hmm i see a trend)
7. BBQ
8. really, any creamy beefy things
9. supreme pizza or mighty meaty wick
10. roast beef

we find out in 2 days - this Friday (our 5th anniversary!) if we are having a boy or girl. so based on some old wives' tales, let's see what i am predicted to have.....

* You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy - BOY
* Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute - GIRL
* You are craving salty or sour foods - BOY
* You are carrying low - BOY
* Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you - BOY :)
* Your belly looks like a watermelon - GIRL (well... not sure yet, but it's shaping to be more of a watermelon than a basketball)
* You are having headaches - BOY
* You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy - GIRL (girls supposedly suck the beauty away from you, while boys add beauty to their mommies)
* Your breasts have really blossomed! - i wish! this is true if you're having a GIRL, so this a BOY point for me
* Your face breaks out more than usual - GIRL (awesome!)
* You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number - GIRL
* You are craving protein -- meats and cheese - true for a boy... NOT true, so - GIRL
* Had Trent look at my eye & tell me which eyeball had a split blood vessel - in my left eye - BOY

**grand total.... BOY: 7, GIRL: 6**

hmmm... well we will see if the old wives' tales are correct in 2 days! will keep you posted!

below is a pic i took of myself today... decided to treat myself to a shorter do & my baby bump is starting to look more like baby and less like mexican food! yay!
& yes that is a coke icee in the pic. mmm.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

best savings yet!

so i know a lot of you may not be interested in my couponing endeavors... but... i can't help but share my awesome week of savings! perhaps it will inspire you to save where you can. i am grateful for the Southern Savers website which i would be lost without. here is the snapshot...

Savings #1 = ~$79 in savings
Medco was doing a great deal of $10 off any purchase with only .99 cent shipping. this means, you could put $10 worth of items in your cart, use the -$10 off code and essentially pay .99 cents for shipping to get your items. you have to enter a new email address each time & luckily trent & i together have many many email addresses.

(props to medco... placed 4 of these orders on June 4th
& received those 4 orders today, June 9th)
so here is what i got:
(1) charged $3.07 for... tylenol allergy pills (24c) & neutrogena body wash (typical cost: ~$15)
(2) charged $2.47 for... aussie gigantic 33oz shampoo & normal conditioner (typical cost: ~$14)
(3) charged $2.96 for... 3 glade sense n spray refills (typical cost: ~$12)
(4) charged $1.68 for... neutrogena oil free moisturizer (typical cost: ~$11)
(5) charged $3.48 for... 2 large bottles of contact solution (typical cost: ~$20-30)
(6) charged $1.68 f0r... huggies ultratrim newborn diapers (36c) (typical cost: ~$13+)
... yes - this is my 1st official purchase for baby chambers!! crazy!!

... Bought $95 worth of items (all which i needed!)
... Spent $15.61

Savings #2 = $80.11 in savings
Okay here is the rundown of my CVS success... definitely the best ever.

yes, all of these products = $84.23 (!!)
can't believe how much these items cost full price!!
(though i definitely used to pay full price for them!)
Transaction #1
(1) Bought these items...
Gillette ProGlide Razor ($10.99, on sale for $9.97)
6 Deodorants (4 degree, 2 dove) ($3.79-$4.79, on sale for $2.50 each)
2 Windex MultiSurface Cleaners ($4.29, on sale for $2.50 each)
2 Glade candles ($3.99, on sale for $2.50 each)

(2) Used these coupons...
-$4 off Gillette coupon
-3x $3/2 off Dove/Degree deodorant coupons
-$1.50 off Glade coupon
-2x $1 off Windex coupons

Used these ECBs (essentially, CVS gift card)...
7 ECBs + 4 ECBs + 4.99 ECBs + 3 ECBs = 18.99 ECBs total

*Total $ I gave the cashier: $1.73
***Total ECBs (gift card) I got back: 5ECBs + 5ECBs + 5ECBs = 15 ECBs total

Transaction #2
(1) Bought these items:
2 Old Spice Deodorants ($5.49, on sale for $3.99 each)
1 Old Spice Body Wash ($4.99, on sale for $3.00)
1 Venus Breeze Razor ($9.99, on sale for $8.99)
2 Dawn dish soaps ($1.99, on sale for $0.97)

(2) Used these coupons:
-$5 off purchase of $15
B1G1 Old Spice Deodorant
Free Body Wash wyb Old Spice Deodorant
-$2 off Venus razor
-$0.25 off Dawn dish soap

Used these ECBs:
5ECBs from Transaction #1

*Total $ I gave the cashier... $2.39
***Total ECBs I got back... $4ECBs + $2ECBs = $6ECBs

***TOTAL ECBs for my next purchase = $16ECBs***

... Bought $84.23 worth of products
... Spent $4.12 out of pocket
... Have $5 rebate to send off
** Essentially, CVS will pay ME $0.88 for $84.23 in products**
... Received $16 ECBs for future use

wow. i praise the Lord for giving me the time to coupon & save $ as i can.
some of you may be wondering... what am i going to do with all of that deodorant?? well, we will use some of it, we will keep some for a "bed & breakfast" basket for guests, and as we increase our 'stockpile' we will most certainly give the surplus to those in need.

happy couponing!