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trent, emily, & abby grace

Monday, May 23, 2011


a little over a week ago we had our friends the rolands & hintons over for a grill out & playdate. funny how pre-kids we used to hang out with friends starting around 6 or 7pm but now our get-togethers usually end around that time for baby bedtimes :)

pax, abby grace, & abigail playing. poor paxy was in the depths of teething but he still had fun with the girls.

abigail trying out abby grace's exersaucer.
love her expression.

before abigail (& her parents) arrived, pax and abby grace played some. there's a little clip of them hugging each other which i got a pic of as well. pax was checking out abby grace's teeth since he is in the process of getting some.
oh & please excuse all the mommy giggles courtesy of kendall & i.

we are thankful for fun times with friends!

1 comment:

  1. So fun! We really enjoyed coming over and Abigail enjoyed playing with Abby Grace and Pax! Can't wait to do it again!