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Friday, June 17, 2011

texas trip

so... here's the recap of the last month.

we drove out to texas last month and abby grace did wonderful!! we left at 4pm, stopped for a longer stop around 7pm for dinner and to feed her, and then she slept
THE. REST. OF. THE. WAY. to texas. until we rolled in at about 6am TX time. praise the Lord! she's a little road-tripper like we are - and for that we are sincerely grateful.

here are lots of pics from our TX trip:

w/aunt meg @ matt's mexican restaurant

w/aunt nat

loved playing with uncle jas!

went swimming with nina & big daddy!

love my big daddy!

so cute

still not too sure about this whole swimming thing.

mommy & abby grace!

in texas we started solids!
abby grace's initial reaction... : /

started getting used to it :)

video of her 1st solid bites! she was pretty disgusted.

1 night in tx we were under a tornado warning so i had to wake up abby grace to move her to the pantry.
she was a bit out of it & grouchy.
she doesn't like to be woken up from her sleep...
just like her daddy :)

in TX abby grace turned 6 months old!
a week before her 6 month bday,
she weighed 14lbs 7oz & she was 26.25 inches long.

& now in a couple days she's almost 7 months old!

i'll post again soon with pics of her sitting up and crawling!

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  1. So fun! Love her cute swimsuit, hat, and sunglasses! That video was too cute too!