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trent, emily, & abby grace

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


abby grace is just over 7 months old and is always on the move.

she's gained almost 1lb since 6 months and she now weighs 15&1/2 pounds.

she's learned a lot this past month and her new achievements are constant challenges & joys for mommy :)

i love crawling!

whenever mom puts me on the floor,
this is the 1st thing i go after.

i'm so little & cute

some videos of new things i'm doing...

clapping my hands together is my favorite

making "music" with my toys

crawling after maverick & giggling

mimi, lolly, uncle trey, & great aunt marylee visited!
i had so much fun!

i'm trying lots of new foods...
like avocado puree!


i like it better mixed with oatmeal.

look at those eyelashes!

& yummy sweet potatoes!

cheeks galore

gave my daddy lots of love on father's day because he's the best!

just last week we traveled to visit our friends who are planting a church in seattle. they were on this side of the country so we road-tripped to meet up with them!

i'm such a great road-tripper!

delaney is 6 days older than abby grace
and this is the 1st time they met!

we loved meeting delaney!

delaney is quite affectionate and we found out that abby grace likes her personal space.
kinda like mommy. :)

kim & i holding each other's babies!
it was such a blessing seeing each other! we hadn't met each other babies and it was so fun getting to know delaney's bubbly personality!

what a blessed 7 months this has been!


  1. I miss you both so much!!!! love love love

  2. i want to bite her. sosossossososooooo sweet. still has your almond shaped eyes! :) the one of her pooching her lips looks like a face you make!

  3. LOVE the pics of Abby Grace and Delaney together! How sweet it is that you all got to see each other. Those are some BEAUTIFUL babies and mommas!

  4. Oh, I hadn't seen this post yet! I've been a blog slacker. Haha... Abby Grace is so cute! I love her fun smiles and adorable personality! Haha... It's so fun now that the girls are mobile! I'm so glad ya'll got to see your sweet friends and meet Delaney! Love their matching outfits! So cute!